Here at, we believe the only way to succeed is the constant delivery of value. We chose product excellence as the strategy because in the modern world of infinite choices it is the most powerful trait. Being with us is both exciting and challenging.

Our clients share with us their most valuable ideas and believe we can transform them into excellent products. This means endless space for creativity and also a great deal of responsibility.

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Employee Feedback

We collect anonymous feedback from our team members to better understand how we are doing. Below we published some of these comments.


Why do you think your direct manager cares about your well-being?

“I feel it” 

What's one thing your organization does well to support your work-life balance?

“We have been recommended to not work late and take a break once in a while and can easily take a day off if we have some pressing personal matter or problem with kids.”

How does your organization allow you to make use of flexible working arrangements?

“Working from home is not a problem for us.”

What's one thing your organization does well to encourage innovations and initiatives?

“My organization always open for any innovations and initiatives that cause direct managers ready to listen and help if needed”

Has there ever been a situation in which you felt that your physical safety was at risk and if so, how could it have been avoided?

“I have never been in such situation at work.” 

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