AgileVision gets another 5-star customer review at Clutch

Volodymyr Rudyi

1 min read
AgileVision gets another 5-star customer review at Clutch

We are pleased to share that AgileVision has received another 5-star customer review at Clutch, a platform that provides in-depth client reviews and data-driven content regarding vetted market leaders.

For our client, Ronati, we designed and built application infrastructure from scratch. To streamline the development process, we also created a fully automated CI/CD pipeline. Additionally, we used the IaaC (Infrastructure as a Code) approach to create an infrastructure that is easy to maintain, audit, and update.

Mikael Salmela, Ronati’s CTO, appreciates the high quality of our work. He claims: “ worked closely with me to plan our application infrastructure and CI/CD pipeline. Once the initial plan was outlined, they provided a full-time resource that we continue to work with. They have all the skills needed to complete the project. Their commitment to delivering quality service and helping their customers is exceptional.”

Cloud infrastructure and custom software development are among the key areas of AgileVision expertise. To provide our customers with the best-in-class solutions, we partner with the leading technology provider - Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our expertise is proved by successful AWS-based projects and certifications of our team.

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