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AgileVision is ranked among TOP-15 IoT companies in Ukraine by Clutch

March 30, 2021
Andrii Rybakov

We are happy to announce that AgileVision is ranked among TOP-15 Internet of Things (IoT) companies in Ukraine by Clutch, a platform that provides in-depth client reviews and data-driven content regarding vetted market leaders.

For our client, an advanced VMI Platform SaaS, we integrated with various IoT-enabled hardware in an efficient and secure manner. Such a robust integration was made by utilizing the power of AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Greengrass. Read the customer success story.

IoT development is one of the key areas of AgileVision expertise. To provide our customers with the best-in-class solutions, we partner with the leading IoT technology provider - Amazon Web Services. Our expertise is proved by successful AWS IoT projects and certifications of our team.

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