AgileVision straightens its expertise with AWS Professional Certifications

Volodymyr Rudyi

1 min read
AgileVision straightens its expertise with AWS Professional Certifications

We are happy to congratulate our team members, Glib Teteryatnikov and Alexander Danylenko, on successfully passing the AWS Certified DevOps Engineers - Professional exam and validating their technical skills and expertise.

This type of AWS certification can be obtained by DevOps engineers who perform a relevant role with 2+ years of experience in the provisioning, operation, and management of AWS environments. Thanks to Glib and Alexander, AgileVision’s team has straightened its expertise in DevOps, which will positively impact our cooperation with clients.

DevOps serves as the combination of practices and tools used for automating and integrating the processes between the IT team and software development. That allows building, testing, and releasing software faster and in a more reliable manner compared to traditional development processes.

Custom software development is one of the key areas of AgileVision expertise. To provide our customers with the best-in-class solutions, we partner with the leading technology provider - Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our expertise is proved by successful AWS-based projects and certifications of our team.

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