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Evaluating Commercially-Available SaaS Applications

June 23, 2020
Volodymyr Rudyi

There are two kinds of clients: those who are comfortable buying or subscribing to SaaS applications, and those who are not.

Suitability for Needs

While it may sound counter to how many software development companies operate, AgileVision will only work with clients who are willing to subscribe to SaaS applications.

Essentially, what you save on the cost of custom software development can pay for a lifetime subscription to a SaaS application.

When executives are missing a tool or want a new version, AgileVision either develops an extension to their existing SaaS application or develops a new tool or application altogether.

The last thing AgileVision wants to do is to try to convince someone to invest in a custom software development initiative when there’s a commercially-available SaaS application that already exists and works. Our goal is to exhaust all available SaaS options (i.e., where there are great tools that don’t require any coding), before considering a custom development project.

Creating Integrations for SaaS Applications with Inadequate Standard Feature Sets

Many times, the best clients for AgileVision are the ones who we’ve tried to talk out of using our services. However, when digging deeper, we’ll often find that clients are already aware of the limitations of existing SaaS applications that are in their space.

However, because we’ve demonstrated that we are looking out for the client’s best interests, as opposed to just selling a larger project, this establishes trust. It also helps attract the kinds of clients who value that kind of relationship.

Beyond SaaS: Rethinking Hardware Product Design Too

This situation happened recently with one of our clients who created custom-designed hardware in China. Their first device was great, a good combination of quality and price.

The client then needed a simplified version of this device. The first version was an automated locker with doors and shelves with weight sensors. Next, the client just needed shelves with weight sensors.

When the client asked the vendor for this new version, the vendor removed the shelves from the locker but left lots of unnecessary electronic boards with circuitry.

AgileVision worked with the client to determine that 80% of the included hardware was not needed. The vendor wasn’t happy, because it reduced the size of their sale. However, the client was elated.

We often face conflicts of interest and always recommend what’s best for the client, not what a vendor wants to sell.

Even when balancing staffing levels vs. the timeline to deliver a project, our team always makes sure that mission-critical team members stay on.

Are you comfortable buying or subscribing to SaaS applications? Share your comments below.

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