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How to Maintain Service Consistency in Ongoing IT Projects

March 11, 2021
Ira Troshchynska

If you have ever been involved in a project, regardless of its size, you know that is always a timeline, an end goal, a finish line. It makes sense as no sane person will agree to perform a task that will never end. But stay in a single industry for a few years, and you will most likely encounter something called an ongoing project or a project with a yet-to-be-determined end.

Indefinite Projects

Ongoing projects are an anomaly in the business world. They are counterintuitive to the usual course of entrepreneurship. Business owners only engage in something if they have a clear achievement or set of achievements that they want to reach. Embarking on a journey without a definite end can become a drain on resources and a waste of time.

Ironically enough, ongoing projects are often a result of success – or too much success. A great example is when the client likes the work of a hired team much, so they hire the same team for the same job indefinitely. The key benefits of such long-term cooperation include eliminating a gap in expertise, costs savings, more business opportunities, and new perspectives. Besides, this approach is a good thing as it provides a stable income flow for the company.

Thus, here is the question: what makes the indefinite engagement with a client successful?

Indefinite Engagement

We have an IT project that we have been working on for the past two years involving an electronic supply company. They left a review for us on the rating platform Clutch back in 2018 and they recently updated that with another 5-star review.

The key we found for not backsliding on the quality of work for this project is by staying engaged with the client. We forced ourselves to stand in their shoes via our customer support. The constant engagement allowed our team to stay on track and keep us from just going through the motions.

In fact, that review is what got us listed on the Manifest, a platform that helps connect businesses to B2B service providers via the ranked lists of the best performers in every industry.

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