How reduced business costs for LFA Machines

How reduced business costs for LFA Machines
✅ Up to 40% decrease in the order processing time
✅ Decreased amount of incomplete or incorrect data in orders by using automated validation
✅ Increased visibility of orders flow for CFO and company founders

Executive Summary

LFA Machines is a tablet press, capsule filler and powder mixer retailer with an ambitious goal:   to enable its customers to tap into heavily monopolized markets, such as sports nutrition, supplements, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. It achieved this through extreme transparency and openness, along with award-winning customer service.

LFA Machines operates in several countries and sells its equipment via multiple channels. was approached by LFA Machines to help remove data silos and establish uninterrupted data flows between all of their systems across the world.

Customer Challenge

LFA Machines uses a best-in-class order management system (Linnworks), cloud accounting software (Xero), and a powerful ERPsystem (Odoo). To achieve its customer excellence goal, uninterrupted data flow between systems is required.

The main challenge is that while each of the software systems has a rich marketplace of plugins and add-ons, some of the needed data flows could not be implemented by simply purchasing and installing a plug-in.

The Solution worked together with the LFA Machines team to identify day-to-day team workflows and reduce the amount of manual work needed to move data between systems.
In addition, created and implemented a way to quickly identify records in various systems that require attention from the LFA Machines team. For example, when an employee creates an invoice with incomplete data or a purchase order with duplicate SKUs, that employee will get an email notification with a warning message and suggestions on how to fix the problem.

Unobtrusive Automation

By tightly integrating with existing systems, managed to automate processes without affecting existing workflows or introducing new tools. In other words, no training was required for the LFA Machines team to start using automation. Data just started appearing exactly where the team needed it.


As a result of the business process automation, the time needed to process orders and push the data through all systems decreased dramatically. Eliminating some of the manual steps allows LFA Machines to be even more efficient and to reduce the order processing time by up to 40%.

Automatic data validation with a proactive notification system ensures orders with missing data are addressed and corrected faster since the team knows about orders that need additional attention well in advance.

Additionally, the synchronization between systems added more visibility for company founders and the CFO. This allowed LFA Machines executives to get more real-time insights on the state of the company.

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