Reinventory - How we built a cross-platform inventory management app on Flutter

Reinventory - How we built a cross-platform inventory management app on Flutter
Key Results:

βœ… iOS and Android mobile applications are published.
βœ… Both applications have unified and consistent UI.
βœ… Public beta-testing is in progress.


Computer Software, Information Technologies

Services Provided

  • UI/UX Design
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Custom software development
  • Mobile iOS development
  • Mobile Android development
  • Cross-platform mobile development using Flutter
  • AWS integration

Customer Challenge

This is not a usual case study, since AgileVision became a customer of our own. It can be considered an β€œeat your own dog food” case. As we were seeing the increase in demand for B2B mobile applications with a consistent look-and-feel on different mobile platforms, we picked Flutter as a very promising technology. We already had expertise with other cross-platform mobile development tools like ReactNative and Ionic, but knowing the pros and cons of both, we were seeking for a better tool.

Besides the actual learning and training, we wanted to ensure we understand the flow completely for both iOS and Android. Additionally, we had another big question: is there an efficient way of incorporating cross-platform functionality into existing apps that have iOS and Android versions. In other words, we wanted to see a confirmation of an existing migration path from having two separate native mobile apps to transitioning to a one unified code base without major interruption to the development process.

The Solution worked on creating the app depending on previously defined business needs by our team members. Having applied the Agile product development approach, it took only two iterations (sprints) to build the minimum viable product (MVP). Probably we will add some new features or provide other advancements to the first version later. 

Now, the Reinventory app is freely available on App Store and Google Play. This app is a great tool for office workers and entrepreneurs to store, manage, and share their inventory data since it makes inventory management smoother and more efficient. Also, users can find Reinventory helpful for tracking their personal assets. 


Technical Aspects

Our team wrote the universal Android-Flutter-Android integration module and a part of the iOS-Flutter-iOS one. In the case of iOS, we finished it as a part of another project. Thus, we could use the code of native platforms from Flutter and vice versa, with the opportunity for step-by-step migration. Ultimately, we have already reused this module two times in small demo applications, and now we are applying it to start the migration of two mobile applications for one of our customers.

App Features 

With the Reinventory app, users can:

  • Manage the assets list. They can create a list of their assets, add new, edit or delete existing items at any time. To add the asset, they should fill out its name and add the serial number manually or by scanning its barcode.
  • Add more asset details. They can expand the information about their item by writing the description, adding the photo, or specifying its manufacturer and type. They can create a new asset type or choose from the current ones.
  • Find a necessary asset. They can easily find the required item through the search bar. Besides, they can track the total number of items in their list.
  • Share the assets list. They can create a .csv file with their inventory data and send it to the email of their contacts, which allows them to share the data very fast and conveniently. 
Reinventory app screenshot


Reinventory app screenshot
Reinventory app screenshot


Reinventory app screenshot

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