Architecture Design

Validate and plan technical aspect of your product

A good plan is half of the solution. Designing the product's architecture in advance is an excellent step to ensure the technical aspects are validated. Additionally, knowing requirements for the infrastructure, tools, frameworks, and how they interact with each other provides better insight into the effort required to implement the solution.

For new software products we suggest to use our "Architecture Design" package. It's like hiring a CTO, but faster and cost-efficient.

Deliverables of this package will server as a solid foundation for a successful implementation of a project.

Architecture Design Deliverables


System Components

A list of system logical components with a detailed description of each module. Related UML diagrams.


Infrastructure Design

Requirements for the underlying compute and network resources. Suggestions on which cloud provider to use.


Data Model

Identified entities, relations between them. Entity-relation diagrams. Suggestions regarding SQL/NoSQL.


Security Model

Description of required security mechanisms and possible approaches to mitigate data breaches risks.


Tools and Frameworks

Recommended programming languages, tools and frameworks to implement the product. 


Requirements Mapping

A list of requirements considered as a core of the system mapped to the corresponding design documentation sections.

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