Information Technology Audit

Comprehensive analysis of your current cloud infrastructure and software architecture to identify software-related risks, bottlenecks and resolve them.

Many businesses in the pursuit of their first customers decide to cut corners and leave some technical debt behind. What's important to remember is such "early-stage" technical debt can result in security issues and inefficient cloud computing billing as the product matures.

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How we work – Step 2: The discovery phase

Common symptoms we see in SaaS products are:

  1. No DDoS protection in place. Did you know DoS attacks are not only make your application unavailable for normal users, but also may cost you a lot of money?
  2. Insecure authentication mechanisms which allow brute-force attacks.
  3. Abandoned, underutilized or overloaded cloud resources which result in substantial increase of cloud billing each month.
How we work – Step 5: Proposal discussion
Step3 - Design
If at least one of the above items are applicable to your application, we can help with the technical audit of your SaaS product.  As a result of the audit you will get a report with actionable insights which covers:
  1. Cloud infrastructure review and recommendations on how to cut costs and improve scalability.
  2. Software product architecture assessment to ensure it's ready for scaling and secure.
  3. Code quality review results and recommendations of security and maintainability improvements.
  4. Software Asset Management report to ensure you really have all assets of your project.
  5. High-level security review with advice on improvements.

We offer:

Predictable process

Streamlined auditing process that respects your time and resources.

Defined timeline

Strictly-defined timeline so you can start improving your product faster.

Clear pricing

Fixed-price model is applied and the full price of audit is known in advance.

Unobtrusive approach

We work together with your team and ensure there is no disruption of their work.

Comprehensive report

Our report covers all the mission-critical areas of your SaaS product.


We will never share your audit results with third-parties and each of our auditors signed an NDA with us.

You get:

Cost Optimization Illustration

Cost Optimization Insights

Detailed evaluation of your cloud infrastructure and cost savings recommendations.

Revenue Growth Illustration

Performance Improvements Insights

Insights on how to improve overall stability and performance of your software product.

Increased Productivity Illustration

Security Improvements Advice

Recommendations and implementation advice on improving the security of your product.

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