Storeroom Logix β€” How we helped to create the most advanced VMI platform in the world

Storeroom Logix β€” How we helped to create the most advanced VMI platform in the world
βœ… The platform is live and getting traction
βœ… Decreased amount of incomplete or incorrect data in orders by using automated validation
βœ… Increased visibility of orders flow for CFO and company founders


Initially, AWS was selected because of powerful IoT capabilities and ready-to-use AWS IoT 1-Click buttons, which were suitable for automating some of the reordering processes. Another point was the AWS IoT Greengrass service that provided many features needed to integrate with the hardware, both designed by the Storeroom Logix and provided by other hardware vendors.

Customer Challenge

Storeroom Logix needed to automate many distribution processes that traditionally happened offline and required a lot of repetitive and error-prone work. Besides, they needed to provide tools for distributor employees that would reduce the effort required to manage the inventory on customers behalf. Additionally, they wanted to provide end users with a way to understand actual cost savings caused by using the Storeroom Logix platform.

Why Us

Based on the feedback, was chosen because of the experience with AWS services, that would become the core of the future solution (AWS IoT, AWS IoT Buttons) and our agile approach which includes continuous incremental delivery and constant communication with the client.

Prototyping Stage

To quickly understand the product is moving in the right direction, we created an initial prototype. Using AWS Lambda, API Gateway and DynamoDB allowed us to create a multi-tenant, multi-user platform prototype with web and mobile applications in less than a month. The developed prototype was cost efficient and provided enough features to validate ideas in the foundation of the Storeroom Logix.

Implementation Stage

The final architecture is a combination of containerized services and AWS Lambda-backed microservices. By using AWS Lambda for mission-critical parts of the platform, we ensured it’s high availability and zero-downtime maintenance/deployments.

Because of the need to integrate with many devices, we used AWS IoT Greengrass as an execution environment for hub devices that control connected local resources, e.g., by using a serial port.

AWS S3 also plays a significant role in the platform. It stores the information for import/export from/to third-party systems using various file formats, for example, CSV.


The platform went live. It processes thousands of events from various sources that trigger reorders based on sophisticated business rules. Storeroom Logix platform helps distributors to make sure their customers’ inventory is in good shape at any point in time. Distributors receive cost-saving reports that show using the system reduces their cost for managing customers accounts.

Distributors who use the platform also performed staff training and replaced pen and paper with a simple and easy to use mobile apps that reduced the time needed to deliver and replenish products.

Next steps

Storeroom Logix and continue working together and further extend the platform with the support of third-party integrations and new hardware.

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