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About Us

We at are creating amazing software products that bring value to your business. We remove gaps between business and IT, reduce the time-to-market of business ideas and optimize the cost of IT solution ownership.


Here's an overview of services we provide


Cloud Software Development

Delivered by the team of high-skilled software architects and engineers with years of experience in the industry.

Combining a business-oriented approach with proven software development practices and robust tools allows us to deliver solutions of exceptional quality in the shortest possible timeline.


Data Analytics and Visualization

Data is the king. But only when you can easily consume it. And here at we know how to cook it properly! 

Our experienced engineers will make sure you can easily access your data using modern visualization tools and use it to boost your business.


User Experience and User Interface Design

Simplicity is the key to success. In the era of sophisticated software solutions, it's easy to forget that.

Our experienced UX/UI team ensures software products we create are easy-to-use and beautiful.


We have expertise in the following industries

Logistics & Supply Chain

A fast-evolving industry with many challenging tasks. We help to create software products for automatic inventory management, asset tracking, and IoT-enabled warehouses.


Advanced Manufacturing

Well-defined, transparent processes are a crucial part of manufacturing success. provides MRP/ERP integration services and implements custom solutions to give situational awareness to executives and make the manufacturing predictable and stable.

B2B e-Commerce

B2B e-Commerce

The B2B purchasing process historically was not the easiest one. Often companies didn't have enough time to improve it. But now businesses are required to be more agile.

We create B2B e-commerce solutions that simplify the purchasing process and are completely integrated into the ecosystem of our clients.


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